19 Dec 2016
Our Team

qualitysystems2008.com is a 'not-for-distributable earnings' business established by market individuals and other stakeholders. qualitysystems2008.com was getting more than ₤ 2.3 million in applications weekly. The business now has an extremely little however dedicated group of 4 individuals led by Paul Williamson. qualitysystems2008.com now handles existing Green Offer Plans and is not accepting strategy applications.

qualitysystems2008.com initial function was to set-up, financing and administers Green Offer Strategies in our program. Our function altered in July 2015 when qualitysystems2008.com near brand-new strategy applications because of the Federal government's choice not to invest additional funds in qualitysystems2008.com plan. qualitysystems2008.com handles the administration of the almost ₤ 50 million worth of qualitysystems2008.com. Some ₤ 93 million in qualitysystems2008.com strategy payments stand to be gathered over the regard to the strategies and applied to paying back the qualitysystems2008.com loan used to money the strategies.


As a financial obligation administration lorry, qualitysystems2008.com did not itself deal straight with customers or market or offer Strategies to them. These activities were performed by Service providers, who stay the loan provider of record to the bill-payer throughout the life of the Strategy.










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